Digestive Issues Plan

My digestion has been bad for a long-time. There is a sense of heaviness in my belly, cramps sometimes. I suffer from excessive flatulence. I was examined head to toe, to no avail. I am sick of it!
Do you want to change it? In cooperation with our team of therapists, we have a complex plan prepared for you. It is our ambition to not to leave you alone and help you to improve your digestion. You know what, we know how.
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Price list: Digestive Issues Plan
Pack name
Medical service
Price in €
Visiting client
Price in €
Root client
Digestive Issues Plan
Nutritional Counselling
Entry examination + check-up
105 €
105 €
Lab tests
135 €
60 €
Discounted price
252 €
209 €


Visiting client - any patient who has not decided to become a Medante General Practitioner patient
Root client - patient whose health documentation is listed in Medante GP office

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