Complex holistic
bi-monthly treatment plans

MEDANTE complex holistic treatment plans possess a unique potential for healing and transformation!

No more meaningless walking from one door to another, from one specialist to another. Your health issues will be treated in a complex and in-depth way.

We have prepared several treatment modules and the treatment will be tailored to your needs. For two months you will become a part of MEDANTE team.
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Who is the plan suitable for?

For those of you suffering from long-term health issues and, at the same time, ready to actively participate in the whole treatment process.

At our clinic, you will not be a classic patient – a passive recipient of health care. Treatment process is always an active process of the treated person.

  • Any manipulative methods
  • “Magical” pills
  • Magic and quackery
  • Yo-yo effect
  • Empty promises
  • You and your enthusiasm
  • Honest interest
  • Professionalism
  • Team cooperation
  • Permanent positive results

A two-month plan during which you will logically pass step-by-step through our team of experts.
  • Do you wish to change your medical condition?
  • Are you willing to change your habits and habitual patterns of thinking?
Then you are at the right place and we are ready to take you through your process of transformation and healing.

What we do guarantee:

A step forward in your life and progress in your health you would hardly get anywhere else in such a short time!

How to start?

Step 1.: Call our reception (00421 911 656 522) and get your appointment to the general practitioner for a complex examination lasting for 1.5 hrs for €70.
Step 2.: Fill in the questionnaire and bring it to the appointment.
Step 3: Take all your recent medical reports or blood tests results - not older than 6 months, if available.

What will follow?

A complex examination lasting for 1.5 hrs includes the following:
  • personal conversation with the general practitioner
  • the processing of questionnaire
  • “head to toe” examination
  • ECG
  • evaluation of your medical condition
  • recommendation for any additional blood tests and examinations (if needed)
  • resulting in your individually prepared holistic two-month plan, that takes into account YOUR individual medical condition, and a tailored solution, all under one roof.
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