Special Offer

MEDANTE clinic
Modern clinic with the holistic approach towards health.

General practitioner, Dental care, Orthopaedist and rehabilitation, complex physiotherapy - instrumental and rehabilitations, medicinal massages, traditional Chinese medicine, phytotherapy (herbal treatment), homoeopathy, nutritional counselling, psychotherapy, Journey therapy, holistic dermal cosmetics.

The team of doctors and therapists with a common vision: to heal the essence of health issues.

We combine modern and holistic medicine. Unique in Slovakia since 2013.  

Our philosophy:

  • human and professional attitude
  • sufficient time allocated for our patients
  • Our standards for you - premium services and comfort

The clinic was founded as a wish of our founder to create a place, where the modern and the so-called alternative medicine do not senselessly fight each other but, to the contrary, naturally complement each other. A place, where the patient first of all feels as a human being. At the same time, a place, which despite combining modern and traditional treatment, creates maximum trust in the team of medically educated professionals - because you know what and we know how.

Services are provided to children, adults, individuals, families and companies. Specially for the companies with the number of employees of 20 and more we also offer our services by way of alternative performance through the Medante sheltered workshop.